My Crazy Mother

My mum has always been somewhat of an inspiration to me, as little as I would have liked to have admitted that when I was younger. She's inspired my love of cooking, exercise and design and she continues to offer some of the best advice out there! She's run both the London and New York marathons, trained as a yoga teacher, run her own interior design company and somehow managed to raise my sister and I at the same time. So this little post is to tell you a bit about what my mother is up to currently because I think it's pretty awesome.

15 months ago my mum decided to join my dad in his love of cycling, my dad has been heading off on a mountain or road bike most weekends for as long as I can remember, with my mum, sister and I, all utterly confused as to what on earth could be so enjoyable. Maybe a few hours escape from a household full of women, a female cat and a male cat who had been spade, was enough to entice my father onto his bike and up off a hill for the afternoon. My mother turned 50 last year and decided to set herself a challenge of raising as much money as possible through the completion of 3 physical challenges throughout the year. One of these being a cycle race round Ibiza for 2 days, hence her sudden decision to embark onto a bike. After the first 20 minutes of being clipped into a road bike, a hilarious tale recounted by my father, sees my mother swearing and cursing at how ridiculous and pointless cycling is before promptly falling sideways still on our driveway, attached to her bike. 

Tomorrow on the 16th of June, she embarks on the Race across the West, a race 860 miles long race, from San Diego to Colorado. She is undertaking this with 3 other team mates to form Team WOW (aka 4 Women on Wheels), they will join around 50 other teams on this race through the Arizona desert, into Utah before culminating in Durango, Colorado. With a mere 40,000 foot ascent along the way... no biggie. The race is also what is know as a single stage race, which means they will be racing against the clock, in shifts throughout the day and night to complete a finisher status within 66 hours, qualifying them into the iconic Race Across America next year. 

My mother and her team mates wanted to participate in this to promote women's cycling and raise money for charity whilst also setting themselves a physical challenge. My mum spent the winter months on an indoor trainer due to the cold weather, doing gruelling sessions of hours on a bike in front of the TV which she frequently liked to tell us was fairly soul destroying given that there's only so much catch up TV one can watch! She finally headed outside as spring broke to finish the last couple of months of training. It's been incredibly inspiring to watch her power on through with something that at times really was incredibly unpleasant. Proving you really can do something if you set your mind to it! 

If you want to follow this ridiculous journey through the desert they'll be undertaking over the next couple of days then this is the link to their Facebook page. Alternatively if you'd like to support the charity my mum has chosen to represent then click right here! The charity is called the Astro Brain Tumour Fund and it was set up by a family friend of ours who's brother in law died from low grade astrocytoma, it's also the charity she ran both marathons for. 

So that, is what my crazy mother will be partaking in as I head over to sun myself in Ibiza for a few days!