Graduation Hair

Following up from my University post I thought I should give you guys a little celebratory offer. Do you remember my review of Duck and Dry on King's Road? If not click right here! If there's anyone else out there graduating from a university in London this summer then I've teamed up with them again to bring you the perfect graduation hairstyle to wear under those caps of ours. 

If you're looking for somewhere to have your hair blowdried or styled into any type of up-do then I couldn't recommend Duck and Dry enough, the beautiful salon is a great place to unwind and be pampered. If you're graduating then you definitely deserve it. To celebrate this achievement we'd like to offer you a glass of prosecco to kick off your celebrations whilst making your hair look all pretty for those photos. All you need to do is show them this blog post! 

You can book appointments through their website or how about organise a trip with a group of friends or your mum before the ceremony and start the day off in a special way. Any King's students, I may well be seeing you there! 

There's a range of different styles you can choose from so there's sure to be something for everyone. If you do go, tag me in photos on instagram of what you had done after! 

PS. Even if you're not graduating you're welcome to use this offer too! They'll be happy to serve you a glass of prosecco on my behalf to celebrate whatever occasion it is that you're having your hair styled for... Or if you've had a tough day at work and feel like you need a little indulgence to recover.