Sunday Morning Pampering

Happy Friday!

This is a short little post to tell you about an awesome nail parlour I was introduced to a few weeks back. They're located in Putney, just over the bridge and they have a range of treatments for you to pick from whether it be regular manicures and pedicures or gel. I wanted to share them with you because of how reasonably priced they are as well as how gorgeous the parlour is! A lot of salons in London have prices that really aren't affordable however for treatments here, especially if they're Shellac or Gel it's very reasonably priced and they are well worth the money due to them lasting for at least 2 weeks!

A few Sunday's back Tish, Juliana and I decided to have a morning of exercising, brunching and getting our nails done. I'd just finished my exams and we wanted a morning of catching up and treating ourselves. We had a great work out session in the morning on Parson's Green and then headed over to Hally's to refuel before walking down and over the river to London Grace.

They have a bar, great coffee as well as a selection of delicious snacks if you're feeling peckish. We opted for some corn tortillas and dip!

Their nail technicians are incredibly good at what you they do and the gel lasts at least two weeks. London Grace is a great place to treat yourself before a summer holiday or occasion, exceptionally good value and a fun location to go with a group of friends and catch up! 

*Big thank you to London Grace for having us along!*