Behind the Scenes: Mikado UK

So a few weeks back I was approached by Mikado. Immediately all sense of sensible business negotiation, common sense and level headed decision making went out the window when I remembered the delicious, chocolate coated sticks that had held a place in my stomach since my childhood family holidays to France. Maybe it was the fact my parents only ever let my sister and I have about 3 each, whilst we painfully watched them consume the rest of the packet, that made me so speedily accept an offer to work with them on a sponsored Instagram post where I would, as a result, have as many Mikado sticks as I would so please. So basically I blame my parents depriving of Mikado sticks as a child for my sheer greediness now. And yes that is correct, I did feel very unwell after eating every last one of them. They provided me with this little pack of things and wanted me to create a photo from them.

Here's a couple of snaps from the results. Go check my Instagram @emmashbates to see which one I picked! 

Mikado sticks

If you've had the misfortune of living your life and so far not encountering these heavenly sticks of joy then I both feel very sorry for you but also come to you with a solution. Mikado wanted me to tell you that you can take a photo showing you "Sticking" (great play on words guys, I eventually got it after 3 weeks) out your personality with your Mikado Eating Ritual. If you saw my post then you'll have seen me with chocolate everywhere, aka. in heaven. If you want the chance to win as many sticks as your heart so desires (within reason) and a number of other goodies then just upload an Instagram of you showing off your personality or doing something silly and tagging them (@MikadoUK) with the hashtag #MikadoBy, you are most welcome.