I have a new blog!

Hello lovely readers, 

I have thoroughly enjoyed writing little posts on here for the last 2 years and thank you so much for sharing my journey. For the last couple of months I've been feeling less inspired to post on here I almost feel as though I might have outgrown it, I started it when I was studying at King's College London to keep my family up to date and as an excuse to go out for dinner! It's grown thanks to all of you and now I feel like it's time for a change given that I just graduated. 

I want to focus solely on travel and food and I wanted a new space to do so, a fresh start and somewhere different. 

So I have an exciting announcement! If you haven't seen it already then I'm introducing you to KUIDAORE! A travel and food blog aiming to inspire your cooking and hopefully your travels too. I've been working away at this for the last couple of months and I'm so excited it's finally live for you all to see and explore. Go comment away, share and read! It's there for you so go and enjoy it! You'll find a couple of my favourite older recipes and trips that I've reworked but there's so much more to come. I'm excited to get working even harder on this site than I did on My London, seeing as I've now graduated. 

Kuidaore is a Japanese word which means "eating oneself into bankruptcy", it's pronounced "Kwee-Doray" and it's basically what I find myself doing far too often. I adore food and I adore cooking and more than anything i LOVE eating, so the name seemed like it fit me well.  

Fear not however, everything will still remain on here so you'll still be able to access it all and re read posts if you'd like to. It's not going anywhere I'll just be slowly transferring all my energy over to Kuidaore. 

Thanks for following me on my journey so far and I hope you'll join me over on www.kuidaore.co also!

Love and hugs,

E x


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