Beautiful Watches

Daniel Wellington

I am a self confessed addict when it comes to buying jewellery or any accessory for that matter. And probably when it comes to clothes in general come to think of it. So I wanted to blog about a watch or a watch company more to the point that I am currently completely in love with and my want for one of these beautiful watches is increasingly becoming a necessity.

It probably has not helped that I stupidly made the decision to follow them on Instagram so every day or so my longing for one of these watches becomes increasingly closer to becoming a purchase.

The brand that i'm currently lusting after is called Daniel Wellington, they create timeless pieces (not literally or that would defeat the object of a watch) with both gorgeous leather and fabric straps. I personally prefer the leather straps and the tan leather with the gold watch face in particular.

If you're not equally as infatuated as I am after viewing this yourself then I don't know what is wrong with you.