Big Easy

Having finished first year my best friend from uni, Georgia, and I are currently looking for an apartment which we're going to be sharing with our friend Harry. So we spent a very long day going between different houses and flats in the Fulham area, and by the end of the day we had finally decided on an apartment and thought we deserved a celebratory meal followed by a few drinks, so we headed over to one of my favourite restaurants - Big Easy on Kings Road. 

Big Easy is an all American themed restaurant which is based on the traditional crab shacks that emerged in the 19th century along the Gulf coast of the USA. Simply decorated with wooden tables and chairs, posters and colourful lights, the atmosphere reflects the home-style food - which is delicious and served in huge portions (always a bonus). The food is typically American with BBQ meat, burgers, lobster and their reknowned Surf 'n' Turf (which is amazing) being the main dishes on the menu. As well as a few salads for all those feeling exceptionally boring. 
It's worth also looking on their website as each week night they have a special deal where they focus on one dish or food on the menu and you usually get a margarita thrown in for good measure. 

Georgia and I were both in the mood for a bit of chicken, so she ordered the BBQ half-chicken and I went for the chicken burger with bacon and guacamole. Both were delicious and couldn't recommend them enough, although I would note that if you want to be able to finish your meal I would suggest not eating for the entire day beforehand. But it is oh so worth the food baby, I can assure you. 

We'd already decided we were going to head over the road for drinks at The Phene after dinner so we didn't indulge ourselves in any margaritas this time - but they are exceptionally good if you're feeling in the mood for one. 

After finishing and pondering for a good ten minutes over whether it was possible to fit in any dessert after our main courses we decided against it. I have still to eat a dessert at Big Easy, simply because I eat far too much of my main course, but I have been told that the waffles are second to none, so maybe one day I will just go in and eat dessert to experience these. 

I really recommend visiting Big Easy, it's really relaxed and friendly and great to go to on a date as well as with friends. You definitely need to pre-book though as it's incredibly popular and gets filled up quickly, so unless you're planning on eating dinner at 4 in the afternoon I would ring in advance.