Happy Birthday Grandma!

It's my Grandma's 70th birthday this coming week and to celebrate we had a big family lunch in London. We ate on the top floor of the Park Lane Hilton at the restaurant which is called Galvin at Windows. 

The hotel is located in the heart of Mayfair and is opposite Hyde Park. The restaurant has a bar attached to it as well so you can enjoy the views over drinks before sitting down to eat.

There are the most incredible views from the floor to ceiling panoramic windows, and you can see pretty much every landmark in London.

The view from my seat...

The food is incredibly filling, it is predominantly French cuisine and it was delicious, even if it does mean I am going to have to spend half of tomorrow on a treadmill. 

Every family meal I go out for I always end up ordering exactly the same starter and main (providing they're on the menu obviously) so today, as always, I had smoked salmon with an avocado puree to start...

Followed by fillet of beef and mashed potato (which was insanely good)... Apart from the weird piece of bone marrow they decided to put on the side of my plate which was vile. 

And then tarte tatin for dessert...

Oh and cake obviously, it was for her birthday after all, it'd be rude to say no to cake. 

Needless to say I left the restaurant feeling disgustingly full, but all of my own doing I suppose. 

Although fortunately I still managed to fit in the car to come home, and am now lying in my garden like a beached whale informing you all of this.

It was lovely to see my grandparents and family though and Happy Birthday Grandma! If you're reading this, which is very unlikely.

There's 6 of us!