I had dinner at a sex shop

Okay it wasn't literally a sex shop, but I genuinely thought I was walking into one last night when we arrived at where my dad had booked our family dinner. And after being greeted by a skimpily dressed mannequin in the doorway I was just waiting for the maitre d to say to my dad 'sorry Sir your in the wrong place.' Luckily my dad had actually got the right address and saved both mine and my sister's embarrassment when we we shown downstairs to where the bar and restaurant are located. 

La Bodega Negra is situated in the heart of Soho, London in a converted sex shop. However unlike most restaurants it doesn't have the name written outside, simply neon lights with the words 'Girls Girls Girls', 'Adult Video' and 'Peep Show' lit up in the window. Hence my initial confusion. Bodega Negra, serves a Mexican style cuisine, more refined than your standard tacos and fajitas. 

It's tricky to describe exactly what the decor is like inside. Imagine a dimly lit, vaulted space, with every wall and detail being a piece of artwork in itself. The most incredible detail in the restaurant is what has been named the 'puppet room' and it was designed by the Shoreditch set designer - Eden. The walls are lined with the city landscaped cut out of cardboard with dolls dotted around and wooden chairs hanging from the ceiling. There's always something new to spot, including an upended grand piano. 

 The only complaint I have is that I couldn't take any really good photos due to the fact it was incredibly dark, until our waiter very kindly went and got a torch so I could at least share with you some of the delicious food, but I suppose this means you will all just have to go and check it out for yourselves. 

Onto the best part.. The food. Which was quite simply amazing. I love a good mexican and this is definitely up there with some of the best Mexican food i've eaten. 

The menu is ideally designed for sharing, not that i'm a huge fan of sharing my food but if there's enough of it I suppose this is a good way to taste a bit of everything. To start you have a huge choice, we decided to order guacamole with sesame tostados, lamb and crab tacos, prawn ceviche and some quesadillas. All of which I would highly recommend. Especially the guacamole. I love guacamole. 

For main courses both my sister and I wanted the chicken which was done with spicy chimichurri, asparagus and roast potatoes, but I was difficult and asked for it with coriander and lime rice. Oh and another side of guacamole, I told you I liked it. 
My parents went for the steak and lamb both of which looked just as yummy. 

When at a mexican restaurant you can't finish the meal with anything other than Churros. And churros with melted chilli chocolate for dipping are an exceptional end to a meal. 

Definitely worth a visit to Bodega Negra, they have amazing food and there's a really quirky atmosphere in the restaurant, certainly very different to anywhere i've eaten at before and I will without a doubt be returning.