My First Blog!

So who am I?!

My name is Emma and with my first university summer ahead of me, and 4 and a half months of doing pretty much whatever I want I thought I would start a blog to write about all the adventures I embark on. 

I have just finished my first year at Kings College London, and it's fair to say I have loved pretty much every second.. Apart from the last minute essay cramming, but I suppose that's all part of the experience. 

Having lived most of my life just outside London in the fairly sheltered county of Surrey I had never really got the chance to explore all of what London has to offer, so in my first year living here I have done my best to explore as much of London as I could fit in, and not just the nightlife. 

This is going to be a lifestyle blog and will focus on what I get up to in the coming months, I will be based in-between London and Surrey and will blog about any fun activities I do or events I attend, as well as a couple of holidays to keep my tan intact. 

Hope you enjoy!