Champagne and Hot Dogs?!

You know when you have a really good weekend and you don't want it to end and wanna do it all over again? 
Well this weekend that was how I felt. 

And i'm now definitely experiencing Monday morning/afternoon blues. 
So to cheer myself up a little I thought i'd share with you one of the fun activities we got up to in London on Saturday afternoon and relive it a little whilst writing. 

And yes that's right it does include both champagne and hot dogs. 
Together?! You may be thinking, yep Bubbledogs serves both champagne and hot dogs, certainly an original idea. 

Bubbledogs is situated just off Tottenham Court Road on Charlotte Street, and I would recommend putting the address into google maps before attempting to find it. 

The interior replicates a New York style brasserie, with exposed brick and wooden benches, however it's confusing in that the food they serve is most similar to an American diner. But then again they are serving a choice of delicious champagnes with this food so in a way to interior suits it well.

The walls are decorated with fairly entertaining drawings of dogs in buns and flying on champagne corks..

We ordered the Jose and the Fourth of July Hot Dogs, Jose is mexican themed and comes with guacamole salsa and sour cream and the Fourth of July is served with bacon, BBQ sauce and coleslaw. 
And we got a side of potato croquettes which were delicious. 

We also ordered one glass of champagne as a certain someone had a hangover and if we'd had one each I probably would have fallen asleep by about 5 in the afternoon.

Bubbledogs is a really cool place to visit, it's perfect if you want a meal that's a little bit different with a fun atmosphere in central London.