Happy Birthday Sophie!

Today is one of my closest friends birthday's. So I think we should all take a moment to wish Sophie a very happy birthday! 

Thankfully for her, her limelight was not stolen by the birth of the royal baby, that would not have gone down well. Although personally I think it would be quite cool to share a birthday with the future king. 

Anyway, to celebrate I along with the girls from my old school, all of whom I think you've met in previous posts, drove up to London yesterday to Sophie's dad's flat which is very conveniently located just off the Kings Road. And after a quick pit stop at Waitrose the pre drinking began pretty much as soon as we got there. 

Alcohol along with the disgustingly sweaty weather that London is currently experiencing did not make getting ready to go out a particularly pleasant experience. However we managed it and headed out up the road to Mayfair.

As it was a Monday night we obviously ventured out to Mahiki. 

Mahiki is located off Piccadilly by Green Park. It is Hawaiian themed with tiki style drinks and decor and has a really fun atmosphere.

It's recently been refurbished, however unfortunately during this refurbishment they seem to have forgotten to install air conditioning that actually works. And given that it was already 30 degrees outside, this combined with the UV lighting meant it was ridiculously hot and sweaty inside. 

However seeing as it was a Full Moon Party, UV paint and all, it did actually feel like we could be in Thailand on a beach it was that hot. So maybe they were just trying to set the scene more effectively.

I'm going to stop complaining now, because it was actually a really good night and I do really like Mahiki. 

As it was her birthday Sophie was a little worse for wear, which for her does not take much and this resulted in us going home a little earlier than planned. However I won't share with you the numerous videos of her trying and failing to get herself ready for bed we have but I can assure you they are hilarious. 

This morning was Sophie's actual birthday and we walked to The Stockpot on Kings Road for a fry up, which was without a doubt what she needed. 

Happy Birthday Sophie and I hope you're still having a really good day! 

Birthday kisses!