I can see the seaasiideee!

Almost every summer for about as long as I can remember I have visited the beautiful beach that is Sandbanks.

Sandbanks is situated on the south west coast of England in Dorset close to Poole.

One of my oldest friends and technically my 'godsister' (if that is even a thing), Alice, stays down at her grandparents apartment every summer, which is on the spit between Poole Harbour and the coast/ Sandbanks beach.

Our parents went to university together and now we're coincidentally at the same uni, and very surprisingly considering the fact we've known each other for almost 20 years we still have yet to tire of each other's company. Well not just yet, we're getting there.

The only different thing about this summer's trip down to the southern coast of England was that I went down by myself to have a couple of days of catching up with Alice since we finished term almost 2 months ago now! Not quite sure where the two months have gone or what i've actually done with them but it was lovely to see her none the less.

We kicked off our couple of days by going out for a spin on the boat, Alice's sister, Ellie, also had a few friends down and they all went out on the Crocodile, which is a basically a banana boat in the shape of a crocodile.

I however refused to get on it because I hate the sea, well I hate it when I can't see the bottom and being England I definitely could not see the sand through the disgusting green colour of the water.

But everyone else seemed to enjoy being frozen by the English sea and it was fun to watch them all fall off.

I'm sorry Alice, but it had to go up

Here are a few snaps of the beautiful houses that line the peninsula, Alice and I have vowed for a number of years now that in the future we are buying these two houses next door to each other. We just need to figure out a way to afford them first. 

We then spent an incredibly stressful afternoon sunbathing on the beach and balcony. Before establishing it was most definitely time for a glass of Pimms.

But this time we decided to be experimental and try out a different recipe from a mixologist that my godmother / Alice's mum, suggested we try - and it definitely hit the spot.

Here's the recipe if you fancy giving it a go yourselves;

They were perfect whilst watching the beautiful sunset over Poole Harbour.

The next day involved more of the same, including boating and a game of beach rounders. I love rounders because it's one team sport I can actually play and it's on a beach so that just makes it even more fun. 

My lovely godmother, Belinda

I even attempted my first Instagram video, which was very exciting. You can check it out below and by clicking here...

It was a lovely couple of days by the seaside, and I was very sad to come home!

Oh and before I go here's a few more pretty sunset photos for you. Everyone loves a good sunset. 

Even Pip enjoyed it..