Looking for a present?

It was my best friend Georgia's birthday at the end of June and as she was incredibly helpful and decided to not give any suggestions as to what present she might like. I was left to my own devices. 

After a couple of weeks of struggling to decide what I should get, I was recommended to go and visit fab.com. Fab is quite aptly described by the name of the website itself. It has some really cool stuff on there, usually from designers that you wouldn't find in many places, which makes buying presents on here even better as it's unlikely anyone will have got them the same! 

Although by writing this blog post it will mean there's more likelihood the uniqueness of my newfound present finding website will be ruined. 

But as I'm nice and this website may make some people's birthday presents even more wonderful, I'm sure I can get over this. And Fab really wasn't that big of a secret anyway.

When you're on the website there's a choice of 9 tabs, such as Furniture, Art, Vintage, Mens, Womens etc etc to help you narrow your search, this again makes the website ideal for present hunting. 

After being completely mesmerised by the website, I settled on this beautiful bangle below. (Not the one with skulls on, I bought Georgia that one from good old ASOS, the super sparkly one). Pretty amazing right? 

I love things that sparkle. 

I will definitely be using this website in the future, can't believe I haven't found it sooner, so thank you to the lovely person that told me to look on here, you know who you are. 

A quick warning to my friends, all your presents will probably be coming from here in the future, so learn to like it. 

And for anyone who wants to have a look for yourself, which you should, you can find them here

There's also an app so you can enjoy the fabness of Fab anywhere you'd like, clever eh?