Mexican Night!

Yesterday, Kings College finally decided to publish our results, and thankfully I got a 2:1 which i'm very happy with! For those who don't know what a 2:1 means, it basically means I passed my exams and have no retakes!

So last night, partly to celebrate and mostly just because we wanted to go out for dinner I ended up at yet another Mexican/Latino themed restaurant. I am half tempted to move to Mexico I seem to eat the cuisine enough. This one was called Las Iguanas in Kingston, however there are plenty around the country as it is one of a chain of delicious Latino restaurants so you can enjoy it wherever you are! 

I ventured to Las Iguanas with my best friend Georgia, who you have met a few times previously including on our trip to Big Easy

This Mexican restaurant however was a bit different to the last one I told you about, Bodega Negra. This was more what you would imagine the Western take on Mexican and South American food to be, so there were plenty of burritos, fajitas and tortillas to be seen on this menu. Always an excellent start to a meal. 

So much choice!

Unfortunately both Georgia and I were driving and considering the fact we are both ridiculously big light weights we thought it'd be best to steer clear of the incredible sounding cocktails as enticing as they were. Instead we just went all out on the food. A standard procedure when we go out to eat together. 

We ordered some yummy tortilla chips with guacamole to keep us going until our mains arrived. 
I would just like to add that the guacamole was amazing, actually incredible. I was quite tempted to lick the bowl. Which I realise would have been highly inappropriate, however definitely would have occurred if I was not in a public place. 

For mains I ordered a chicken and red pepper burrito, which came with more guacamole, yes that's right you heard me. Heaven. Oh and a side of refried beans, which I don't actually like that much, but as you can probably tell i'm not remotely fussy so I ate them anyway. 

Neither Georgia or I can for the life of us remember what the dish she ordered was called, but it was basically a mildly spicy and creamy, coconut sauce with chicken in and it was served with rice. 
But according to Georgia it was very nice whatever it was called! 

After about 15 minutes we decided that we may as well go all out and get a dessert, and ordered a caramel cake. Which we both concluded was a bit odd, but as I previously said I'm not fussy and neither is she so we ate it all anyway. 

And then both felt incredibly ill afterwards. But it was definitely worth it. And yes I did go spinning this morning to justify the quantity of food we ate. 

I'd really recommend visiting here, it's not too expensive, the food is delicious and i'm sure if you weren't having to drive like I was, the cocktails would be too! It's the perfect place to come with a group of friends for a fun evening out. 

I really liked this light.