Soy Berry Froyo!

And the detox continued...

I absolutely adore frozen yoghurt, it's quite simply one the best culinary inventions. And after a few very intense hours of sunbathing after lunch Sophie and I (yes that's right she's still here) were craving something cold to cool us down from the surprisingly warm English weather. 

And seeing as my parents have not yet invested in a swimming pool, despite my insistence of it's necessity. I thought why not cool ourselves down with the second best thing to a pool.. Froyo!

However being in Surrey the nearest Snog or Pinkberry is not just conveniently round the corner as it is in London so we made our own. And a healthy version as well!

It's very simple, all you need is frozen fruit, soya yoghurt and maple syrup (if you want it especially sweet). 

Oh and a really good blender, like the amazing Vitamix my mum has. 

Throw in as much as you want together and blend it up. You don't even need to freeze it after as the frozen fruit does it for you. 

Super quick and just what we needed!