Sunday Funday!

I got incredibly excited when at the beginning of the week, my friend Sophie suggested that we should all go to the Brockham Victorian Fair on Sunday. Despite the fact i've almost reached the age of 20 I still find the prospect of most childish activities very exciting. And yes we were probably the oldest there, apart from the parents of the toddlers that were running around. However that didn't make it any less fun. 

Sophie very conveniently lives in a house which looks out over Brockham Green, where the funfair was taking place. The fair happens every year over a weekend in July. So I along with some of my girl friends from school headed over to Sophie's for snacks before walking over to the fair to pretend to be the age at which it is acceptable to get excited over a merry-go-round.

Most of us decided to get on the ride which spins chairs round, i'm fairly sure it's called a chair carousel but i'm not entirely sure. Whatever it's called it was so much fun, but it definitely lasted for a lot longer than we were all anticipating with the result we all had to have a little lie down once getting off to recover. 

Callie chilling on her own...

And again...

Clearly far too overexcited.

Fortunately we had not yet discovered the ice cream van, or that definitely would have repeated on us half way through the ride. 

When you're at a funfair there is only one acceptable ice cream to get and obviously that is a Mr Whippy with a 99 Flake. 

It was a really fun way to spend a sunny Sunday, and I refuse to believe you can ever be too old to enjoy a funfair. Apart from the fact we were the only ones there of our age.