Thai Curry and a Cheescake?

I had the loveliest of evenings last night, courtesy of one of my friends from school, Sophie.

As you may know if you read my first blog, I just finished my first year at uni. And whilst i've been hard at work at university (yes Mummy that's right I did work, as I know you'll be reading this) about half of my friendship group from school went off on very envious trips around the world. And now as it is nearing the end of their gap years, for all of us that decided to get education out the way first, we are incredibly excited to have them all working their way back into our lives.

Sophie returned home from Asia last week and last night hosted an evening at hers for all my close girlfriends from school who are either back from uni or from their travels.

She appropriately decide to cook a Thai curry that she'd learned how to make on a cookery course in Thailand, and it was incredible. I would have felt like I was in Thailand had I not looked out the window at the rainy English countryside. It was that good.

For dessert I had made chocolate brownies earlier in the day and my friend Livi made a delicious honeycomb cheesecake which was completely demolished.

It was such a nice evening to be able to have almost all my school friends back in the country, (the rest of you need to hurry up and get back, you know who you are) and we enjoyed such good Thai food. So thank you Sophie! 

On a side note, if any of you would like a Thai chef, I am highly recommending her. I will be abusing her new found cookery skills on a more regular basis.