The incredibly talented Lucy Blackwell!

On Saturday night I was lucky enough to go and watch one of my friends, Lucy Blackwell, launch her EP.

She held the launch at a pub local to her in Reigate called the Roe Deer, which is really sweet and has a little garden, perfect for relaxing on a summer's evening like the one we had on Saturday, it's made even better with a glass of Pimms, which was obviously obligatory given the weather.

Lucy is an incredibly talented singer and songwriter, and was given the opportunity to record her EP after doing some work experience at a recording studio.

Her EP is released today, it's called Lady in Waiting and it's amazing!

You can find it on iTunes as of today so I think you should all go and be supportive and buy it, worth every penny.
Go on you know you wanna click the link...

Or at least go and check her out on YouTube! Definitely one to watch.