An Afternoon in Chelsea

You all remember Charly right? The one with the brightest of blue eyes, a fabulous smile and a wondrous blog of exciting interviews, adventures and beautifully shot photos - also known as Style the Natives?

Yes I thought so. 

And just to clear it up this is not a round of the adjective game I am just feeling incredibly complimentary this afternoon. 

I spent a lovely afternoon catching up with this beauty, and where better to start than in the garden at The Phene off Kings Road?

The Phene is hidden off of Phene Street (funny that) in Chelsea, it has also frequently been featured on the reality TV show Made in Chelsea if you thought the name rang a bell. 

But besides that little fact it serves yummy food and delicious cocktails (always a bonus) so where better to gorge ourselves on food and alcohol?

We went for the Lebanese Platter, which consisted of a delightful array of houmous, stuffed vine leaves, falafel and a couple of other little treats.

The chips are mouth wateringly good here so we obviously had to get a portion...

As are the mojitos, which Charly thoroughly enjoyed.

Look how cool these egg chairs are, I want one in my garden.

I wore my black skinny jeans by J Brand, grey top by Zara, jacket from River Island, my Oversized Alexa bag by Mulberry with my trusty Tom's that are the most comfortable shoes ever. 

After a couple of hours of non stop talking (and photographing) we decided we should probably leave the Phene and have a little wonder up Kings Road... obviously with the intention of ending at Zara. Like any normal girls. 

However our laziness got the better of us and we made it to the top of the road before deciding we should sit dow again, this time in Gail's. 

Gail's is on the corner of Oakley Street on Kings Road opposite Chelsea Fire Station. It is part of a chain of amazing artisan bakery's across London, you can check out the other locations here

Their coffee is second to none, but seeing as I apparently still act like a child I went for an 'Iced Chocolate' with soy milk, in other words I ordered a chocolate milk. And I have no shame in it because it was delicious. 

Charly went for the more interesting option of a Lemon, Jasmine and Earl Grey Iced Tea which she couldn't quite decide if she liked it or not. 

The moral of the story being, always go for the childish option, we're clearly not old enough for our taste buds to be that sophisticated just yet. 

And having learnt that vital lesson learnt we decided to head up the Kings Road for a quick pit stop in Zara before sadly parting ways. 

Definitely an afternoon well spent and I would highly recommend anyone that hasn't visited Gail's or The Phene to give them a go. It's just a shame you won't have the company of the wonderful Charly Cox... but if you can't wait till my next instalment of her on my blog why not go check out hers right here?

Go on click know you want to.