Gallivanting around Notting Hill

Hello there, apologies for neglecting my little space on the internet for a week or so but I have been a very busy bee working away to earn lots of money to spend on holiday in a couple of weeks! So I hope you'll forgive me for the fact I hadn't done anything particularly blog worthy in a while.

This all changed however when I got my weekly dose of the lovely Charly Cox.

Charly is someone i've come to know quite well recently and she's also a fellow blogger, go check her out at Style the Natives ! She's also enviably good at Tumblring (if that is a word) so you can admire all her pretty photos at the same time.

Anyway, on Thursday Charly and I ventured out into the sauna that was London and had a little explore of Notting Hill. I love this area so much, and when I'm older I want a house on Portobello Road, with a little dog preferably a Puggle, so I can step out my door and admire the beauty of the area.  But enough of my wishful day dreaming of future plans.

After a little wonder down Portobello Road, admiring the cute little antique shops, and ignoring how obscenely overpriced they are, we concluded it was far too hot to be outside and sought shelter in a couple of clothes shops along Westbourne Grove before eventually ending up in Toms for a late breakfast.

I want to park this car outside my house on Portobello.

Neither of us were particularly hungry it was more an excuse to sit out of the heat, but Toms is the perfect place if you fancy a big slice of cake, french toast, a full English or apparently like our choice a bowl of yoghurt and granola...

So instead of eating we decided it was time for a photo shoot.

It was delicious though, however next time not only am I purchasing every piece of confectionary in the old fashioned sweet shop at the front of the cafe, but I will also be ordering most of the menu.

I would highly recommend the freshly squeezed orange juice, it was delicious and exactly what I needed.

After our brunch, or whatever you could call the pathetic amount of food we managed to consume we happened to spot this rather artistically placed bike.

... but more importantly we happened to bump into this little guy. Everyone meet Gary. 

Gary had just been flown in from LA and despite being incredibly badly trained, look how cauuuuute he is!

And I temporarily stole him for a few moments, but then upsettingly realised I should hand his lead back to his owners that had just had him flown 11 hours across the Atlantic Ocean. 
Maybe we can excuse the bad behaviour, the poor thing probably had jet lag.

I love French Bulldogs they're the best. After Puggles, obviously.

Sorry for leaving this so long, I promise I will begin to be more interesting and stop working as much next week!

But before I go I'll leave you with a photo of Charly.. Licking a giant Mr Whippy. Cheeky. 

Sorry Charly but I couldn't help myself.