Let's go paint a pot...?!

Yes you did hear me correctly, I have just invited you to come paint your own pot, or plate, or tile or whatever floats your boat.

Do you want to know why I have requested the pleasure of your company for such a seemingly bizarre activity?

Because I went today and it was so much fun that I want you all to join me in my pot painting. In fact I may even hold my 20th birthday party here. Or maybe it could be a future career.

Ok that may be taking it a little far but I hope you now understand how exciting I found my re-emergence into the pottery world.

As sad as that may sound and despite the fact this is the first time I've visited since my 9th birthday it was an excellent way to remind myself how much I enjoyed art at school and my best friend Imi's company.

Not that I needed reminding of how much I enjoy her company but she left me for a long time in favour of exploring world for a while (it's okay I've forgiven you) so it's nice to spend lots of time together again.

And where better than at Dish in Reigate?!

After deciding to embark on this incredibly random and spontaneous trip we shortly arrived at our destination and settled on painting some tiles, I'm not entirely sure why we chose a tile but whatever.

I decided to relive my Art A level and went a little artistic whilst Imi decided she wanted to draw stick people and her cat. To clarify the stick people were meant to be us and two of our other best friends, they weren't just random stick men.

We were both pretty pleased with the outcomes...

As you can see above they are pretty spectacular and we are now eagerly awaiting their firing or whatever the correct terminology is, and we get the finished product on Thursday.

Come on guys I know you're just as excited as I am to see it! Or even better I bet you'll all be rushing to your local pottery painting studio to give it a go yourself.

Go on you know you want to...