Lunch amongst the orchards

I'm thinking I may have to change the name of my blog. 

I have no intention of returning to London next week, i'm going to become a hippy braid my hair and live here in Ibiza forever. 

Just need to figure out a way to make this happen...

After a few days enjoying the beauty of this island, I thought I should share a little bit of it with all you lovely people. 

Aren't I nice?

Today we ventured out to a little village called San Lorenzo which is in the centre of the island a short drive away. In this village you will find the beautiful restaurant that is La Paloma, hidden in a midst of citrus orchards. 

La Paloma is a family run restaurant which aims to use only local and organic food, and when it can't it sources its food from small farms producing good quality produce. 

Sounds delicious right? Wait till you check out what we feasted on.

To start we all shared their mixed salad which contain every type of salad leaf you could possibly imagine, plus more. We then all went for Foccacia stuffed with Spiced Lamb and Tahine Sauce. Which was incredible but very filling. 

While we waited we enjoyed these pineapple and mint smoothies which were just as delicious as they look.

Before our food was served, this got placed on our table.

It's a pile of burning coffee, which is apparently meant to ward off wasps, who apparently love the smell of lamb. (I mean who wouldn't, you've witnessed how delicious it looked). And thank god they did place this on the table because we were dive bombed with wasps pretty much as soon as the food hit the table. 

For dessert, instead of treating ourselves to one of their chocolate brownies or cakes we settled for a cappuccino to kickstart the incredibly challenging afternoon we faced at the spa.
 It's a tough life.