Well hello there Fulham!

If you remember a little while ago myself and Georgia went on a little house hunt for an apartment that we're going to be sharing with our friend Harry, well we found a property near Fulham Broadway and yesterday was our moving in day! 

I went to collect the keys as Georgia is busy sunning herself Marbella, and yesterday Harry and I moved our stuff in. 

So if you follow me on Instagram you will have seen this photo before, but i'm quite proud of it so you can have a look again!

After a very busy morning of lifting the contents of my wardrobe up 3 flights of stairs we went on a little trip down memory lane for my parents, which was just down the road in Parsons Green to visit my dad's old house, however by this stage we were very  hungry so stopped off for a quick lunch at a cute little cafe called Margo & Julia's. 

Margo & Julia's is situated pretty much opposite Parsons Green, on the New Kings Road. You can sit both inside and out, but as it was such a nice afternoon we sat outside and enjoyed a bit of people watching before our food arrived.

Both my Dad and I went for Caesar Salads.

My mum went for a quiche with roasted vegetables.

They had such a delicious a selection of cakes and cookies that it would have been rude to not try at least one of them. 

Mmm cake.

I decided on the slightly more childish option of a Smartie cookie, however I was quite upset that one of the Smarties was missing. 

My mum had the flapjack and a green tea.

And my dad was boring and went for an espresso because he's weird and doesn't like cake (I genuinely do not understand how). 

I'd definitely recommend visiting here, whether its just for some tea and cake or lunch it's a really lovely cafe, and now i've moved in just up the road I will definitely be visiting more often.