A British Goodbye

So once again Charly Cox is featuring on my little space on the internet, however this time the occasion had a rather sad undertone.

How do you say goodbye for someone for 6 months?

We had to get our thinking caps on and come up with an inventive way of surprising Ella (you haven't met her yet, but you will have done by the end of this post) and saying goodbye before she leaves us for life on the other side of the world.

So we started to think... What's very British but something very Ella...?

We decided afternoon tea was a must, but we needed a little twist.

That's when we stumbled across BRGR.co.

BRGR.co is situated on Wardour Street just off of Oxford Street and as you may have guessed from the name specialises in burgers and bloody good ones at that.

Currently BRGR.co are offering afternoon tea with a twist and what could be a more perfect send off than mini burgers and mini desserts? Nothing. That's what.

We avidly made our reservations for this afternoon and long awaited the moment we could sink our teeth into one of those heavenly miniature burgers.

I can assure you it was well worth the wait, Charly was running a little late so Ella and I ordered an Oreo milkshake to keep us going, and my god were they good.

We then decide we couldn't wait much longer so ordered our trays of miniature delights shortly before Charly's arrival. (Sorry Charly)

It was even an educational experience! We learned all about the meat we were about to demolish.

This feast then arrived in front of us and check out what we got...

Soooo many drinks - a glass of Prosecco, iced tea and one of the waiters gave us a complimentary cocktail which I cannot remember for the life of me what it had in it but it was delicious.

Clearly I was far too excited by the whole event to know how to position my face.

THREE miniature burgers - one chicken and mayo, one a cheeseburger and the final a lobster roll.

A side of fries (obviously).

Mini brownie, strawberry cheesecake, a donut and a mini vanilla milkshake.

I was in heaven. I would not be surprised if you are drooling right now, I am.

We then stupidly ordered another side of fries. Actually correction, I did, but look at the cool bag they came in!

Ella thought it appropriate to write us a lovely leaving message to remember her by, isn't she sweet.

After we were all completely stuffed, with food comas, we sought out this cool little coffee house which looked very Tumblr to perk ourselves up a bit, before heading on to Topshop to get friendship necklaces.

And no despite the fact we are all technically adults we are not too old for that sort of thing.

Now it was nearing the time of the goodbye we'd long been putting off. I never thought an evening containing mini burgers and champagne could bring such sadness.

But nevertheless, have the most incredible time in Australia, Ella - you will be hugely missed by all and please do remember I would like a kangaroo.

Or a koala if a kangaroo is too tricky to smuggle onto the plane.

Charly and I will be waiting, as promised, at the airport, with a banner, in 6 months time and I cannot wait to be reunited.