A couple of days at the Classic Yacht Challenge

Sorry for not posting for a little while, however the wifi in Menorca was being silly and wouldn't let me upload any photos for you so i've had to wait till I got home!

After an amazing week in Ibiza I flew to Menorca to spend a couple of days with Daisy (remember her from our adventure to a rooftop bar?) at her villa near Mahon harbour.

There was a brief lapse in my relaxed Ibicencan hippy state when I discovered my wallet had been taken at some point during my connecting flights to Menorca, however this was soon fixed with a little trip to the police station and another large dose of sunshine.

The 5 days I happened to be staying in Mahon were also coincidentally when the Classic Yacht Challenge was taking place. So apologies if you're not remotely interested in yachting or regattas but there are rather a large number of yacht photos about to pop up.

The event happens every year and the port of Mahon is transformed into a yachty's haven. With the race taking place over 3 days.

Daisy's parents were crewing on one of the biggest yachts in the race and so we got a sneaky look around the beautiful boat that is Cambria.

There are different classes to the race, depending on the size of the yacht, so there was lots to look at. 

The actual race happens out of the harbour, so we couldn't really go and watch that but we did take out the rib to follow the boats out at the beginning and end of the day.

By Friday we'd been joined by Zoe (who you haven't met before) and we all managed to wangle our way in to the massive buffet for all the crew that took place at the yacht club on the Friday evening, with free drink and food it was far too much to say no to. 

You know how much I love my food.

The event was sponsored by Plymouth Gin, and so gin and tonics were flowing. And naturally we then took it upon ourselves to make this poor man mix 18 of them. 

And no they weren't all for us there were 10 others. 

Unfortunately I missed the final night where everyone basically just gets incredibly drunk, as I was sitting on a plane full of screaming children reading a book.

I'd never been to one of these yacht races before but they're really good fun, even if you're not that interested in boats. They also happen all over the world in places such as the South of France and the Caribbean. So it's definitely worth checking out if you're ever near by one that's happening, even if it is 
just to join everyone for a mojito or gin and tonic at the end of the day!