Captain Sassy takes on the funfair!

If you haven't already met Captain Sassy, just a pre warning you will need to prepare yourself for the cuteness that is about to appear on your screens. 

This, ladies and gentlemen, is Captain Sassy. 

This beautiful creature is owned by one of my oldest friends Katie who I don't think you've met yet, so here she is, with the Sassmeister, obviously. 

Anyway on with Sassy's adventures, over the last 4 days there's been a huge funfair set up on Turnham Green in Chiswick, so naturally the child in both of us drew us to this magical set up. 

And naturally it would be rude not to take Sass out for the adventure, so we popped him in his cage and set off on our trip. 

First stop, the Chiswick Pets to buy the Sassmeister a lead (obviously). 

And we made friends with this little kitty. 

We then ventured on to the funfair after walkies down Chiswick High Road, which actually proved a lot harder given that Sass seemed to have his own ideas of where he wanted to go. 

But we eventually made it and my goodness was it worth it. 

Sassy thoroughly enjoyed his trip and his ride on the teacups but it all got a little too overexciting so we decided it was best to grab some lunch. 

And where better than Sam's Brasserie?! So after smuggling Sassy in in Katie's handbag we settled down there and pondered over what to eat.

I did a little blog post on them previously but it's so good I have to give them another shout out. On this occasion we sat in the bar section as opposed to the restaurant and we both ordered the Sam's burger which I wish you ALL could try, it's really quite special.

It had been quite a stressful day getting the Sassmeister around so we only felt it appropriate to order cocktails, despite the fact it was 3 in the afternoon... And no I promise we're not alcoholics. 

We started with a Mojito and Margarita and then onto a Vanilla & Lemon Martini and Strawberry Daiquiri. 

I would also just like to say a massive thank you to the waiter's who kindly gave Sassy some carrots and celery to munch on whilst we were enjoying our burgers, now if that's not good service I don't know what is! (Sassy says thank you too).

By the end of our very late lunch it had all got a bit much for the Sassmeister. 

So we called it a day, or afternoon, and Katie headed off down the high road to give him some dinner and put him to bed. 

I would highly recommend taking your bunny on an outing if you have one it was so much fun and if anyone has trouble making friends we made a huge number of new ones with the help of our little fluffy friend. 

If you're as in love with Captain Sassy as Katie and I then go check out his instagram @imCaptainSassy or the twitter account that someone unbeknown to us has set up which is also @imCaptainSassy

Go on you know you want to witness even more of this cuteness, and if you don't you're weird.