Getting down with the trumpets

I had another lovely afternoon with Charly Cox, who you all should know by now as the wonderful writer of the Style the Natives blog and my companion on a number of adventures into the midst of Notting Hill and down the Kings Road.

This time our adventures took us further away from the comforts of West London and into Central, more specifically to Burgers & Cocktails off Oxford Street and then onto the Hippodrome Casino in Leicester Square.

Unfortunately neither of us were intelligent enough to look whether Patty and Bun was open, which on a Monday it's not, just for the record. 

So once we'd settled for Burgers & Cocktails just over the road, we obviously had to start by refuelling ourselves with copious amounts of nachos and a burger, which we shared, as neither of us could decide what we wanted more.

Burger & Cocktails is situated on James Street just off Oxford Circus, and just as it says serves burgers and cocktails, with a couple of other things such as salads and hot dogs if you don't like burgers (which you should).

Charly was feeling particularly loving towards me before she was appeased by her Corona. 

After finishing dinner and establishing we both wanted a waffle we headed over to Leicester Square mainly in search of a waffle but also to make the most of the tickets Charly managed to wangle us for the Rizzle Kicks Capital FM live show. 
I'm joking, obviously the show was more important than a chocolate coated waffle...

The boys did a great job and we left having established which one of them Charly wanted to marry and slightly hoarser voices. All in all it was a really fun evening and I'd definitely recommend trying to get tickets to see Rizzle Kicks if you can, they're really good live. And if you can't then definitely check out their new album - Roaring 20s. 

Oh and in case you were wondering, yes we did find a waffle, but we ate them too quickly to photograph how amazingly delicious they looked and tasted.