Giggling Squid

I love Thai food a huge amount so when Giggling Squid opened it's doors a few months ago close to where I live in Surrey, I was very excited to go and check it out.

Giggling Squid is in a number of towns but it most recently opened in Reigate, and my god is it good.

If you enjoy Thai food you will love this place, it's probably close to the best Thai food i've tasted out of Thailand. Apart from my mummy's Thai curry's, obviously...

So I went along the road with Carlotta (after our incredibly productive afternoon of baking goodies) and my parents to indulge ourselves in some asian cuisine.

We had some prawn crackers to share, I mean you can't not order prawn crackers.

To start I went for Satay prawn skewers.

My dad went for roast baby duck on baby leaf canapés.

My mum and Lottie shared the seared scallops.

For main course I went for the Massaman curry with coconut rice, which was amazing.

My dad ordered the Sea Bream red curry, and my mum the Sea Bream Green curry.

And Carlotta being the incredibly mature girl that she is ordered the Koong Prik Thai, simply because of the name. It did also look really good. 

I would definitely recommend visiting here if you love good Thai cuisine, I will be returning.