It's my birthday!!

If you follow me on any of my social media's then you will have been more than aware that it was my birthday today! How exciting I hear you all cry. I know guys, it is the most important day of the year so you've probably all been counting down for months and didn't need any reminders, but i hope you all enjoyed my countdown as much as I did. 

Don't kid yourselves now, you know you loved it. 

After an incredibly early start for PRESENT TIME (despite the fact I am now 20 years of age, I will never behave over the age of 5 on my birthday, ever) I decided to venture out to a spinning class, which was not the most pleasant start to the day however did ensure I could eat as much cake as I wanted, guilt free. 

And look how devishly chocolatey the cake my sister whipped up for me was! 

After feeling utterly spoilt and spending a good few hours playing with my new toy (look below to see how sexy it is), I headed off to the hairdresser.

Oh by the way, I have some rather ground breaking news. 

Okay it's really not that groundbreaking, BUT...

I now have my natural hair colour back! 
(Well not quite, there is still a fair amount of hair dye and product making it darker but whatevs). For the first time in about 6 years I actually have natural hair, pretty crazy right. 

Now I think i've rambled on enough about the beginning of my day, so lets get on to the good bit.


But first I will run through what I wore, because that is obviously of equal importance. 

Jacket, Bag, Vest - all from Zara (i love Zara), Jeans - J Brand, Scarf - Topshop 

And I accessorised with my new Daniel Wellington watch, suede plaited bracelet which is actually meant for a man and was also a gift a while ago and is from Muses and Rebels (found on Fab) and finally my 'E' bracelet which my friend Sophie gave me a few days ago for my birthday!

Okay now i'm finally onto the good bit. 

I went for a family meal in celebration of me no longer being a teenager, at none other than Balthazar in Covent Garden. I visited the original Balthazar in New York a few years back and since they opened their doors over in London I've been meaning to go and check them out again. 

They also have their Boulangerie next door which makes your mouth water before you even sit down for dinner.

Oh Balthazar, you are cheeky, don't tempt me into returning in the morning... 

And I certainly was not disappointed by my long awaited visit. 
Firstly because it looks identical to how I remember the New York restaurant being.

And secondly - I can't remember if I've mentioned before but I LOVE steak. It is my favourite meal ever, and Balthazar steak is something else. 

After a yummy raspberry daiquiri, we started on the food.

We ordered a mixture of starters between us, I went for the cured Salmon (basically Smoked Salmon and super yummy). 

My sister went for the ravioli. 

My mum chose the crab.

And my dad went for the Lardon Salad.

Naturally we all had to go for a steak for main course, check out the piece I single handedly managed to devour.

You may actually be surprised to hear that we still had room for dessert, my Dad and sister split a Tarte Tatin and Chocolate Fondant between them and my Mum and I shared a selection of sorbets and the Chocolate Fondant. 

Just a pre warning, the following photos may make your mouth drool. 

Yep I did warn you. I am salivating again at the sight. 

I'd definitely recommend visiting them yourselves, here's all their details.

We somehow managed to roll ourselves out the restaurant and back home without exploding or I wouldn't be here typing away in bed!

Thank you to everyone that sent me a lovely message they made my day even better! I'm feeling utterly spoilt and can't wait to continue the celebrations with friends tomorrow in a slightly less classy manner - I might even tell you about it.

If you're lucky. 

(ps. I'm incredibly sorry for the weird selection of edits on the photos, I just got a little snap happy with all the exciting new features on my baby)