It's never too early to celebrate your birthday

As you may know if you know me or if you follow me on Twitter I get far too overexcited about my birthday, I always have done and I probably always will do. 

I've never quite understood people that don't look forward to celebrating their birthday, after all it's just an incredibly good excuse to eat cake and be spoilt for a day, nothing too strenuous about that. 

So last night I was taken to start my birthday celebrations in Soho, London. 

I wasn't told where we were going until the taxi pulled up outside the bright blue glass front that Yauatcha sits behind. Being a massive lover of dim sum this couldn't have been a more perfect choice. 

And what better way to start the evening than with a drink, you would have thought this bright pink, incredibly feminine, cocktail would have been chosen by me, however it was actually chosen by my  boyfriend, worringly enough.

I went for the more adventurous option of this cocktail, simply because it had passion fruit (my favourite fruit) and a foam made out blue tea, whatever the hell that is. It looked a bit like it had a meringue placed on top. And it was delicious.

As we were both incredibly hungry we went for quite a few dim sum dishes, some of which I clearly got too overexcited about to photograph. But take a look at how yummy these beauties looked. 

There was also another little surprise half way through the meal when I was given my first birthday present of the year. 

And look how prettttty it is! Yes this is the Daniel Wellington watch I have pining after for so many months now. And the one I blogged about here

After both deciding we were incredibly full, we decided we should probably just ensure that we actually were so ordered a selection of macaroons to finish. And a cappucino for good measure.

I'm not actually sure what the flavours of these macaroons were, although I'm going to hazard a guess in remembering there was a hazelnut, raspberry and dark chocolate and I think the bright red was strawberry, I also have a distinct memory that one tasted awfully similar to a Jaffa cake.

By this stage we were now buzzing - full of sugar, alcohol and caffeine. 
So we headed on a little walk down the road to Soho House, which unfortunately I have no photos of to share with you as it's a House rule that you're not allowed to take photos.

After a fruit smoothie on the roof terrace (yes you did hear me correctly we ordered smoothies at 10 in the evening), we headed home. 

If last night was anything to go by this year's birthday is going to be a good one.