A Market of Meat

As i'm sure you're all fully aware, if you've been reading my blog for a little while, I love meat. And as you can probably imagine from the title of this post this involves meat and a lot of it.

Yesterday, I went to meet Katie (remember her? The owner of Captain Sassy?) after I'd finished uni for the day and she'd finished work. We met in Covent Garden and were both pretty hungry and fully prepared to eat a lot of food so headed over to The Meat Market on Tavistock Street.

My goodness were we in for a meaty treat. The menu was filled with the best burgers you can possibly imagine, hot dogs, nachos, fries with an array of toppings, salad for all you weirdos out there and milkshakes amongst a couple of other delights.

We ordered the Chilli Nachos...

With cheesy fries...

And the Bacon Cheeseburger...

Before you ask, yes we did feel disgustingly full and unwell after but it was totally worth the run I did this morning and the one I will probably have to do tomorrow as well.

We sat in a state of satisfaction mixed with a severe food coma for around half an hour before being able to leave.

I'd definitely recommend everyone to visit here, they do veggie options too, despite their name, and it's a really cool set up, you can't book so sometimes have to wait patiently in line to get a table but it's definitely worth it.

The Meat Market also has a bar on the floor above it called Meat Liqour which we were going to visit however after finishing we were both so full the thought of walking up another flight of stairs was seemingly impossible, so we left. But there's always next time, if I will ever learn that my eyes are far bigger than my stomach.

Check out more on their website by clicking here.