Disgustingly good grilled cheese

I've had a really great last two weeks. 
I've been lucky enough to be doing a work placement at a company called freuds whom i've wanted to work for since I was about 16 and it's been wonderful. 

Today one of the guys in the department i've been working with, received an email about this quirky little pop-up sandwich shop, aptly named F.A.T, in Soho just down the road... So naturally we both decided this was going to be our lunch time destination.  

As the clock turned 1 we headed out, into the surprisingly freezing cold London weather, in search of our grilled cheese sandwiches. 

The pop up shop is situated at the front of SHARPS Barbers on Windmill Street. 

The location looks like something off of Tumblr, so I  may just have to put this up there where it belongs. 

You can eat in or take out, we went for the take out option so got our orders in and waited patiently as the smell of melting cheese filled the air. 

We took the time to befriend a fellow customer's dog whilst we waited. 

We finally were given our heavenly little brown bags and, no exaggeration, we were so eager to tuck in we pretty much ran back to the office. 

Okay we didn't run as that would just be an unnecessary amount of effort, but we were walking very fast. 

And my goodness were they good. Jonny went for a duck pate sandwich whilst I decided to go for the horribly unhealthy but devishly delicious grilled cheese with gherkins and JLo's ketchup.

You may be thinking, ew gherkins, as most of my friends do, but I'm one of the rare weirdos that like them and take huge pleasure in eating all the gherkins my friends leave. 

If your mouth is watering like mine is, again, then go check them out, they're only here till the 8th of November and trust me you don't want to miss out! 

Find out more info on the choice of sandwiches (oh and ice cream) on their website !

If it weren't for the horrible run I just did to make up for this little visit I would be straight back in line tomorrow lunch.