The final stretch!

The final destinations on our list for Adventure Sunday were Spitalfields and some food!

Yes, don't worry I haven't forgotten about food, you must have all thought there was something wrong with me. 

A certain someone wanted their fix of All Saints, and with the flagship being here we had to give it a visit, but not before stumbling across this Lomography shop. 

Possibly the most exciting shop we went into all day, I fell in love with all these sexy little...

And not so little things...

Managing to prise ourselves away we went into the Spitalfields market. 

Spitalfields has unfortunately become very commercialised and most of the stands aren't actually that good but we had a wander round anyway and found some cool stuff including vintage glasses which we had a huge amount of fun trying on! 

And a couple of other quirky, but again, very expensive shops. 

I particularly enjoyed this apron.

By this stage it was nearing mid afternoon and none of us had eaten so our tummies were starting to rumble...

Even more so when the suggestion that a late lunch at Meat Mission was on the cards. 

Remember the blog post I recently did on Meat Market and Meat Liquor? Well Meat Mission is their sister from East London. 

Meat Mission is off Hoxton Square and has a slightly different menu from Meat Market, although as you can probably guess still involves a lot of meaty treats. 

We went for the Bacon Cheeseburgers (it was so good last time how could i not?!) and Maxime went for the Hippy Burger. Which basically is a burger with a secret 'hippy' sauce on, the same sauce also came on our Hippy Fries.

Mmm mmmm. That certainly hit the spot. Not a traditional Sunday lunch, but we'll have to tick that box off on our next Adventure Sunday! 

I hope you've enjoyed our little trip to just a few of the sites East London has to offer.

Why don't you go on an adventure next Sunday? You never know where you might end up!