Venturing East!

Sunday's are for three things - a lie in, a roast and adventure time! 

So we thought we'd tick at least one of those boxes and leave the comforts of West and Central London and head East to explore some of what it has to offer. 

So that's exactly what we did. 

Our first destination being the Columbia Road Flower Market. 

I used to come here with my parents when I was younger but don't remember it all that well so it was great to come back and get a feel for the place now i'm more grown up.

The market opens at 8 every Sunday morning, with every conceivable flower lining the street until 2 in the afternoon when it starts packing up. 

Columbia Road itself is a really beautiful Victorian road with lots of really quirky shops and cafes. 

Including the most amazing stationary shop in the entire world, which unfortunately didn't allow photography, but Choosing Keeping Stationery - i'm coming back for you! 

I also loved this art gallery they had some really quirky pieces in here.

And look how cool this little coffee and hot chocolate stand we stumbled across is, I want one for myself!

I then came across this mug which if I hadn't been told I wasn't allowed to buy it by a certain someone, it would most definitely be in my possession. 

Although it has to be said Columbia Road itself is ridiculously over priced due to it being one of London's most iconic markets. 

However it is a really fun atmosphere and if you enjoy pushing your way through hundreds of people, admiring the flowers, listening to live music and popping your head into all the cool shops that line the road then it's a great way to spend a morning. 

They also have a great bagel shop called Cafe Columbia which we didn't eat at this time as we'd already had breakfast, but I would really recommend visiting, especially if you like Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese bagels (they're my favourite, original I know)  

After spending the morning taking in all the sights and smells the market had to offer we wandered on up to Brick Lane to meet a friend and see what it had to offer us on a sunny Sunday afternoon.

Check back in tomorrow to see what we got up to there!