I had a lovely dinner with my parents in Central London earlier this evening. We went to the mouth-wateringly delicious, Indian restaurant, Dishoom, in Covent Garden. Which my mother has been banging on about for the last two years, and you're about to see why I will be doing the exact same.

After a little wait for a table, we were seated and swiftly ordered our dinner.

There was so much choice I could have quite happily ordered the entire menu.

First to arrive were our drinks, I went for this rather pretty looking Virgin Pina Colada.

Next up was the Spicy Calamari...

And these weird tube like things called Far Far's, I have no idea what they are so will go with the menu description which described them as half way between a cracker and a crisp! But they were super yummy.

Oh and some dips!

Then the huge quantity of main dishes we had optimistically ordered, started to arrive. It's best to order a selection and share it all, that way you can experience all the sensational flavours and it's an excuse to be even greedier than usual.

This was the Chef's special which was Spiced Turkey Leg with seasoned potatoes and veg...

Masala Prawns...

Chicken Tikka...

Roti and Dahl...

And obviously a side of Basmati rice, it's rude not too when having an Indian.

I certainly ate far too much, but it was delicious and healthy, so I don't feel too guilty.

I'd highly recommend Dishoom to anyone that appreciates really good Indian it was quite simply delicious, I will definitely be back next week!

On the topic of next week, it's been brought to my attention that there's a rather exciting sample sale happening next weekend. So I thought I'd share it with all you wonderful readers as you may want to pop along seeing as Christmas is just around the corner.

Hope to see some of you there!
(I'll be the girl scrabbling around on the floor finding the best Francis Leon leather jacket and Silver Spoon beanie, come say hey!)