I think it's time for an ice cream!

I had the best sorbet of my life yesterday afternoon and so I would like to share this experience with you all.

First let me introduce you to my lovely new friend Julianna, she's from Colorado and we study at uni together, second let me introduce you to her cousin Emit who is currently over in London visiting on his year off. And lastly let me introduce you to Snowflake, a gelato bar that will potentially change your life forever.

After delicious dim sum in Chinatown...

We wondered up into the depths of Soho in search of this amazing gelato bar that Julianna wanted to show us, so you have her to thank for this little find.

As you may have figured out by now I am incredibly indecisive, especially when it comes to food. So when I was presented with all of these options you can probably imagine it was incredibly overwhelming.

Especially when I noticed you could get toppings too.

Unfortunately I can't eat ice cream which makes me incredibly sad, so that cancelled out quite a few of these options for me, then it was just a question of which sorbet to go for. 

The only benefit of this intolerance is that I actually left feeling guilt free after indulging in the pleasures of an icy dessert.

Mango was an obvious choice, but I was not expecting this mango sorbet to be quite as delicious as it was. The pretty pink chocolate shavings made for even more enjoyment.

As you can probably tell from this photo I was incredibly happy with my choice.

Julianna went for the Frerro Rocher gelato.

And Emit went for a sorbet like me, only his was bright pink and raspberry flavoured.

I would recommend everyone to go and visit Snowflake it's on Wardour Street and absolutely delicious!