Happy Fake Christmas!

Unlike most, if not all of you, I won't actually be celebrating Christmas tomorrow as I'm going to be sitting a few of thousand feet above you all, in a long cylinder like tube, with wings. In other words I'm going on holiday.

So in a bid to ensure we didn't miss out on any festivities we celebrated a couple of days early with all  of my grandparents.

Although I'm still incredibly confused as to how Santa delivered all my presents to me 3 days early, I am happy to move passed this and share some festive photos with you to get you in the mood for tomorrow.

Nothing beats sitting by a fire on a cold December day

Our Christmas Tree! Although I am incredibly sad that our Christmas tree has now been taken down because as we get back after the 6th of January apparently it would be unlucky for us to keep it up, it did look pretty though.

Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without lots to feast on, and my Mummy certainly didn't disappoint on this front.

Smoked Salmon...

Turkey roast obviously...

Treacle Tart... (both mine and my Dad's favourite dessert, after Sticky Toffee Pudding)

And Christmas pudding, which my father being the incredibly mature man that he is, decided to make into a pair of boobs.

Or should I say a pair of flaming boobs...?

This little guy sadly, for both my hips and for his general well being, got demolished incredibly quickly post lunch.

The presents then commenced, followed by a lazy, food-coma-induced afternoon.

Harry enjoyed the festivities so much he spent much of the day hidden under the table. Still cute though.

I have to say it was incredibly strange celebrating early and I definitely don't feel nearly as festive as I should knowing that Santa won't be visiting me tonight. But I hope you all have a wonderful day wherever you are! And I can't wait to share the beautiful Bahamian beach I am jetting off to with you in the coming days.

Lots of Christmas love, hugs and kisses to you all!