Street Feast!

Ladies and gentlemen let me introduce you to Hawker House Street Feast.

(Excuse Juliana's attempt at being gangster, also apologies for the quality of the photos, this was a spontaneous trip and I didn't have my camera)

Last night Katie, Juliana and I ventured out to East London to gorge ourselves on an incredibly delicious Street Feast. I wouldn't quite describe the gourmet food we feasted on as what you would typically imagine street food to be, maybe a more accurate description would be Michelin starred street food.

Anyway, after a long trek to the warehouse in Hackney this feast was located in, we headed straight to Bob's Lobster Van and ordered the Lobster Mac n' Cheese and a Lobster Brioche. And waited eagerly to be handed our orders, which were quite literally heaven in cardboard boxes.

Lobster Mac n' Cheese, i'm not sure i'm ever going to taste a macaroni cheese that is on the same level of this for a very long while.

Juliana was clearly incredibly excited by the brioche, rightly so.

Next up was Yum Bun. I can't think of a much better description than the one they give themselves - handmade steamed buns - soft, warm and perfect for scoffing on the street.

Okay so we weren't on a street but we certainly scoffed our way through 2 mushroom buns...

And one pork...


Quite conveniently located next door to Yum Bun, was Luardo's Tostados.

 As you know I love my mexican food I couldn't go without ordering something from there.

I decided on the white corn tostada, skirt steak, black beans, avocado and chimmichurri.

Despite how delicious it was, it was incredibly difficult to eat.  After unsuccessfully tackling the tostado with this wooden fork.

Katie and I resorted to attempting to eat an entire slice of steak in one go. But whatever, we weren't there to impress anyone with our lady like manners.

After assessing the other stands, which consisted of Breddo's Taco and Slider Bar, Jerk Chicken, Ribs and Indian we decided all we really wanted was dessert.

So we worked our way a stall further down from Luardo's to Sorbitum Ices.

Juliana went for the Pistachio ice cream which was unreal.

Whilst Katie and I decided to be as excessive as usual and ordered waffles with Salted Caramel Ice Cream, Praline Sauce and Spiced Apple.

I have no words to describe it's deliciousness, although had I just gone for the Salted Caramel Ice Cream I probably would have been a little disappointed with the taste, but overall it was divine.

There's only a week left of this weekend Street Feast so get down there next week if you can, it opens at 5 on Friday and Saturday, however they're also doing an event for NYE so if you're interested check out their website here.