Winter in the sun!

Welcome to paradise, also known as Harbour Island.

Harbour Island is a tinnyyyyyy island, only 3 miles in length, which is situated in the Bahamas. And it is home to perhaps one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever been fortunate enough to visit.

We visited here last Christmas and loved it so much my parents couldn't resist returning, and obviously I had no complaints at the possibility of tagging along.

The trip is certainly a challenge but the beach is most definitely worth the taxi, the 9 hours on a jumbo jet, another taxi, then a further 30 minutes on a tiny private plane, yet another taxi, a speed boat and then one last 3 minute taxi drive from the harbour to our hotel.

However it's not just the beach that is beautiful, the whole island has much to admire and many opportunities for a photograph or two, so this afternoon that's exactly what my Dad and I did, and this blog post is the result.

Best named shop?

This one is certainly straight to the point.

I wish we had churches like this in England, they'd be far prettier to look at. 

 The primary mode of transport on the island is by golf cart. The one below is our ride for the week. 

However, if I lived here my golf cart would definitely look something like one of these two. Perhaps a combination of both. 

 Take out's would also be far more appealing if they looked like this. 

This would also be the colour of my house, because why on earth would you not paint it this colour?!

My dad beat me to this photo. 

 And finally here's a couple more scenic shots before I show you the beach.
If you have continued to scroll down this far without growing resentment then I am impressed, and equally I apologise if the resentment has set in.

And finally, this is the beach... and a coconut... at sunrise.

Almost there... 

Isn't it beautifffulll?! 

(Sorry if this has made you all hate me now. Although actually I'm really not that sorry.)