Huahua's Taqueria

Okay so I tried to eat a different cuisine every night of my stay in Miami, however when I heard about Huahua's I knew I had to give in and eat mexican again.

The restaurant was christened Huahua's after one of the owners pet chihuahua's, which is apparently called Jalapeño (best name ever?!) and its located on  Lincoln.  So a short walk away from where we're staying and also from Rosa Mexicano that I blogged about the other day.

My mum and sister didn't feel like going out for dinner so I went along with my daddy for an early dinner.

It's essentially fast food Mexican. But don't go thinking that when I call it fast food it's not good quality. If anything it was better than the food I ate over at Rosa Mexicano.

You order the food and drinks at the counter and then they bring it to your table, kinda like Nandos but a million times better and more delicious.

I went for a passion fruit margarita (it was exceptional) and my dad went for the lime margarita.

Then we had the chicken and BBQ rib tacos.

Which I thoroughly enjoyed, as you can see.

Then came the guacamole and tortillas.

Followed by the pulled pork enchilada, which was amazing.

I'd recommend anyone visiting or who lives near by to pay Huahua's a visit it's quick, delicious and relatively cheap food!

I want to bring somewhere like this to London so watch this space!