I'm in Miami!

You have no idea the will power I just had to exert when refraining from calling this post, 'I'm in Miami bitch'. However in a bid to be a little less cliche I didn't, as you can see. 

As you have probably gathered, seeing as I just told you all, I am now in Miami, South Beach specifically. But this is not the the main piece of news I wanted to tell you all about, the primary reason for this post is to share the incredible meal I just ate at BLT steak. 

We're staying at the Betsy Hotel and BLT Steak is situated on the ground floor. We've eaten here on previous visits to Miami but this time was undoubtedly the best, and you're about to witness why. 

Before we get things started, here's a photo of my sister at dinner, because she asked me to take one and she actually looks quite nice.

Now, for the good stuff.

First to arrive were the 'popovers'. 


These are a cross between bread rolls and the traditional British Yorkshire pudding, with a slight cheesy taste to them. 

I then chose to order the American Wagyu Skirt. 
Which despite the name's resemblance to a piece of clothing it is actually a cut of beef. My Dad and sister went for the same. 

Whilst my mum went for the fillet. 

Now for the exciting part... The side orders. 

I think we should all just take a second to appreciate the size of the baked potato I ordered... With melted Fontina cheese and bacon. 

If anyone's looking for me tomorrow morning I will be running up and down the beach until I have run this devishly delicious potato, off.

The other side orders consisted of BBQ corn, asparagus, green beans and Jalapeño mashed potatoes. 

This was my dinner before... 

And after...

All in all I would say I did pretty well. We all did. 

I think it would be fair to say I am never happier than when I'm devouring a steak, or any food for that matter. 

I am thoroughly looking forward to the rest of our stay here and to sharing more of South Beach with you! 

Now excuse me whilst I retire to my bed and into a food coma induced sleep.