Sunday Brunch in Chelsea

Okay I have a little confession, when I say it was brunch, this brunch actually occurred at around 3 in the afternoon. So maybe brunch isn't the correct terminology... Dunch? Linner? Can we make that a thing?

Despite myself, Georgia and Katie's sheer laziness this morning we did eventually make it out the house. When The Good Life Eatery is the incentive it's hard to curl back up in bed, ignore the horrific London weather and go back to sleep.

I have been meaning to pay The Good Life Eatery a visit for a while and after the vast number of Instagram posts that have been brandished across my feed I knew the day was getting closer that I'd have to try it for myself. The final tipping point was a recommendation from my wonderful friend Charly Cox.

So today was the day I finally made it. And there is no doubt in my mind that this may well become my regular Sunday spot.
(Maybe my Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday spot as well.)
Basically, if you're looking for me I'll probably be here. 

How could you resist the temptation of all this scrumptious, fresh and super healthy and nutritious food. Exactly what one needs after a sinful Saturday night.

Katie tried the Mumbai Chai Latte with almond milk.

Georgia went for a Teapigs breakfast tea. And I decided to go all out and order one of their Superfood Protein Shakes.

The Incredible Hulk smoothie to be specific.

We then all ordered the Skinny Benedict, which consisted of two poached eggs, avocado, cherry tomatoes, yoghurt saffron sauce served on wheat free rye bread.

It was delicious.

As you can imagine, we demolished it fairly quickly, and in silence.

Now for dessert. 
For when would one not order a dessert when it's healthy and almost completely guilt free? Never, that is when.

Given the fact we all wanted every single dessert we decided to order three and share. 
We chose the Banana Muffin, chocolate brownie and their Red Velvet Cake. All of which are either wheat free, gluten free, sugar free or vegan. Or everything all at once. And they still manage to taste better than normal cake.

You should all visit The Good Life Eatery, it is so delicious and healthy for you too, there should be more guilt free cafes like this in London.

If you wanna check out more about them then go follow them on Twitter for all their updates and previews of the food you'll be eating when you go!