Top 5 Pop-Up Bars in London

It's no secret that London is blessed with a list of cool an charismatic pop-up bars as long as your arm! But with so much going on, keeping tabs on the very latest talk-of-the-town pop-up is no easy task. Here at Design My Night, we take this problem very seriously, which is why we're teamed up with My London to bring you our top pop-ups of the moment.

If, like us, you love a quirky evening out packed full of great food and even better company, this one's got our name all over it. There are no less than nice delicious courses to tuck into, with each dish forming part of a carefully crafted culinary narrative put together by a team at Pure Indulgence. That's right, its not just dinner time at Edible Stories, but story time, too! Interact with the food and people around you to unravel the story in question at this secretive pop-up with bags of charisma.

It takes something pretty special to stand out from the crowd in Shoreditch, but WigWamBam does do with plenty to spare. You'll find a cosy den generating a buzzing atmosphere inside this 8-metre high tipi atop the Queen of Hoxton. Serving up all kinds of tasty treats, alongside a drinks cabinet packed to the rafters with winter-warming tipples. WigWamBam serves up a cracking night out in the East.

A smokin' selection of ribs, burgers, steaks and hot-dogs are the order of the day at BBQ Bar on Ice by Broadgate Ice Rink. With a menu boasting a catalogue of smoky delights inspired by the tastes and flavours of Memphis, this is an eating experience you won't go forgetting in a hurry. With great cocktails and craft beers aplenty, there's no shortage of options to wash it all down with either. You'll have to get your skates on to catch this one though - it closes on the 27th February.

The folks at Platterform have got the art of nailing a pop-up series down to a tee. The pop-up pro's are back again, this time bringing an exhibition of the finest seafood cuisine from all over the globe to this little section of Hackney. Their Sea Adventure Series serves up a delightful four-course meal, with a glut of nautically-themed cocktails thrown in for good measure.

The folks behind the Gingerline concept sure do like to keep their guests on their toes. Shrouded in secrecy, this unique pop-up experience hops from one quirky London venue to another, carefully covering their tracks each time to retain their elusive ambiguity. The event itself offers revellers a delicious four course meal whilst celebrating all things art and performing, too.

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