Brain soothing strawberries!

So this blog post has come about as a result of an entire day, slash, maybe the last 4 months, of degree-loathing. 
A loathing of reading articles and books, that to be quite honest I really have very little interest in.
I had a moment today (also potentially known as near insanity), where I decided that instead of the mind-numbingly dull articles I was supposed to be reading, I needed to leave the house and do something a little more creative.

Something that wasn't killing off every creative cell left in my brain. 

Something like writing. Something like eating. Something like writing about eating.

What would you eat to soothe your brain from the mundane facts of the language of securitisation? (I am still unaware as to what this language is, however this is besides the point)


That is my food of choice. And not just plain strawberries. No no, these strawberries have the added bonus of deliciously dark chocolate spread. 

This is what you will need to make your brain repairing food: 

1 punnet of strawberries (or 2 or 3, eat as many as you so desire) 

1 tub of dark chocolate spread (Nutella also does the trick nicely)

1 tub of peanut butter if you're into that kinda thing 

1 knife, 1 chopping board and 2 spoons (for licking) 

This is a relatively simple treat, and really doesn't take that long. 

First, grab your knife and cut off all those leafy green bits. 

Then hollow out your strawberries. 

You can eat the middle bits, go on, no one's looking. 

Then grab one of your spoons and delve into that peanut butter jar. 

Take a tiny bit of peanut butter and put it in the bottom of your strawberry pit. 
Repeat this process for as many strawberries that you desire to taste this peanut butter in.

(For all you strange people that don't like peanut butter obviously you can leave out this stage)

Now, grab your second spoon and do the same but with your dark chocolate spread, either on top of the peanut butter or just by itself depending on how you roll. 

Fill those strawberries up niiiice and full. Yes that means another spoonful. Go on, it won't hurt. 

And there you have it. 

Naughty but nice strawberries. Brain food. And technically, as it's dark chocolate it's not really that bad for you after all... 

Just maybe don't continue to eat the rest of the tub as I may or may not have done after.