Brunching in Notting Hill

Notting Hill is my favourite place in London. There is just something about the roads lined with white pillared houses, the blossom on the trees amongst, the pastel colours of terraced houses along Portobello Road. And if that doesn't make it tranquil enough then just to make Notting Hill even more perfect there's a wide the range of cafes and restaurants providing brunch.

Brunch is my favourite meal of the day, if I could, I would brunch every day of the week.
For what meal could you quite acceptably order pancakes, croissants, boiled eggs and soldiers with pizza or spaghetti and prawns (if you were so inclined) and for it to be relatively normal.
After all it is technically two meals in one. Which I take to mean I can order double the number of dishes.

During a shift at work on Saturday, Meriel (you haven't met her yet) and I were sad because it was a beautiful Spring morning and we were standing in a dimly lit shop and not out enjoying the sunshine or having brunch. So we decided that Tuesday was the day we'd make up for this, and so that's exactly what we did. 

A short walk away from Notting Hill Gate Station is Granger & Co, potentially the ultimate place to brunch. It's lime green sun shades, perfectly contrasting blue lettering and exquisite flower arrangements make it hard to walk past and not want to go in and investigate.  

Whilst it wasn't as sunny as we had hoped, the food certainly made up for the Spring brunch we'd envisaged.  

After a rather long time deliberately on what to eat whilst consuming our hot chocolates. 

 I chose the soft boiled duck eggs (they're blue!) with sourdough toasted soldiers. 

Meriel went for the ricotta hotcakes, with a banana, honeycomb butter and honeycomb sauce, which had both of us salivating. 

The food is so far past being Instagram worthy that it would almost be rude not to.

After consuming our food in a matter of minutes, the people watching commenced. 
Then after a round of sourdough toast and homemade jam we then finally deciding we were capable of going for a little explore of the houses in the area and choosing where I'm going to live before ending up back at the station.

If you're ever in the area I'd highly recommend visiting Granger & Co they have so many delicious choices for breakfast and brunch (as well as other meals), definitely somewhere I plan on spending my Sundays.