Cocktails and Tacos!

Remember a little while ago I visited the downstairs restaurant at La Bodega Negra? If not you can read it here. It's okay I understand you don't all have wonderful memories. 

This afternoon Juliana, Marcus and I decided to go for a little post-lecture Mexican and cocktail afternoon to relieve our boredom from the previous two hours, and where better to do so than La Bodega Negra cafe?

The cafe is more of a day time venue, despite the huge quantity of alcohol available (never too early... right?) 
Downstairs has a more vibrant, explicit atmosphere in the evenings.

We ordered an assortment of food after promptly putting in a margarita order, shortly after which a combination passion fruit and spiced mango drinks arrived. 

With a big stone tray of corn tortillas, salsa and guacamole. 

Julianna really liked hers...

If you think it couldn't get much better, it can and it did. 

Next up was this vegetable tostado

Followed by beef tacos...

And chicken quesadillas... 

Oh and a soft shell crab burger for Julianna, as she doesn't eat meat (I will never understand).

Obviously we couldn't go without having dessert (and a couple more rounds of drinks)

We tried the churros with chilli chocolate sauce 

And then the tiramisu, which Julianna, having consumed too many margarita's by this stage, decided to eat like this.

Both desserts went down incredibly well.  

If you like Mexican as much as I do and fancy somewhere not too expensive for a nice lunch or early dinner then I'd highly recommend La Bodega Negra Cafe and Taquiera. 

They do a lunch menu at 9.50 for 2 courses, or 12.50 for 3, as well as their normal menu, we went for a combination of the lunch deal and their other dishes and it was really good value for the quality and quantity of food.

If you're wanting more atmosphere for dinner then be sure to check out their restaurant which operates through a door on the other side of the building, they do amazing cocktails and even better food! 

Check out their website and Twitter  for more details.