Dirty Bones!

A couple of days ago I had the pleasure of trying out Kensington's, and potentially London's, hottest new addition to the restaurant scene.

Dirty Bones is a no-bookings, walk in restaurant serving up every type of hot dog you could want, each inspired by cuisines from across the world.

If you are not as incapable as me after a long day, you enter the restaurant at street level, without standing outside for a brief period being confused that the door is quite well camouflaged by a diner style menu.
 After figuring this out, you will pass their lunchtime take-away counter before descending down to basement level. Dirty Bones is dimly lit, with decor which would be found just as comfortably placed in a retro gaming bar, but a chic one at that.

Katie and I were waiting for Charly to arrive so ordered some of their garlic brioche to keep us going.

Before shortly diving into The Mexican and the Brit Dog, the latter of which I'd highly recommend.

And who eats a hot dog without ordering a side of fries... and Mac and cheese? Certainly not us. 

Charly stuck to a liquid dinner which consisted of the 101 Dalmatian cocktail,  served with an Oreo which I had to resist the urge to steal. 

I then gave into my now need for a cookie and ordered one of their desserts - milk and cookies. As deceiving as this photo looks, the 'milk' is actually vanilla gelato, served up with a double chocolate, gooey cookie.  

I can't find any fault with my dinner, I left feeling incredibly full (due to my sheer greediness), with the thought of the treadmill the next morning spinning around my head, on our short walk to High Street Ken station. 

If you get the chance it's definitely worth a visit, especially for all those meat lovers out there! Go follow them on Twitter for more information - @DirtyBonesLDN.