Valentine's Lunch!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! 
I'm sending you all internet love and hugs.
Despite how ridiculous I find the concept of only celebrating love on one day of the year I don't see any harm in an excuse to share the love with anyone and everyone. 
So go out and make someone smile. Or if you need the courage provided by a Hallmark holiday to tell someone how you feel then why the hell not. 

I spent my Valentine's Day lunch with Katie, at a new eatery in Mayfair called Drunch.  

And what a romantic lunch it was. Having both been very busy bees for the last couple of weeks it was the perfect way to catch up, review a restaurant and eat yummy food all at once.

The concept behind Drunch is to provide a new sense of casual dining to the area. They serve a range of healthy detox foods and juices, as well as your typical comfort foods for the many horrible, rainy days we're currently having in London.

We decided to try two of their juices - one of which contained strawberries, mango and blueberries. The other (the bright green one) contained a combination of a number of things of which I can only actually remember avocado, ginger, parsley but it was delicious. 

Katie decided to order the pancakes (with a side of turkey bacon), because she finds it hard to not order pancakes if pancakes are on the menu. Which I completely understand. It is hard to refuse a pancake.

Half way through her meal Katie somehow managed to end up with the entire plate on her lap which was incredibly amusing and I still for the life of me cannot understand how she managed it.

I decided on the steak salad with parmesan, balsamic vinegar and tomatoes. 

It would be hard to turn down a dessert, especially when you can get them in cute take out boxes to devour in front of envious fellow tube riders on your journey home. 

I chose the chocolate brownie. Which was sensational, and I was definitely receiving an evil, jealous glare from a woman in my carriage, but alas, I never share food.

Katie picked the Red Velvet Cake to take back to work with her and assist in getting her through the final afternoon of the week.

Thank you Drunch for a lovely lunch! 
We'll definitely be back. To all of you reading this you should go too, they're incredibly central so whether you work in the area, are shopping on Oxford Street or just fancy making a trip there, there's a great selection of food and lovely decor too!