A Sunny Sunday on Southbank

Last weekend was one of the loveliest Sunday's London has seen in a fair while. 

I think us British react in a very strange way when we hear there's meant to be sunshine. The sun? You mean that glowing ball of fire that occasionally peeps out from behind the clouds and that graces us with it's warm shimmering rays from time to time?

As soon as the weather forecast announces a temperature above 12 degrees celsius we all rejoice, whip out the factor 50, dash to the supermarket to purchase every remnant of BBQ worthy food and don ourselves in scantily glad attire to bare our pasty, white skin to the outside world for the first time in 6 months. 

I honestly saw a woman two weekends back, dressed in a bright red bikini and a matching visor rubbing sun lotion into herself in Richmond Park, where it was little more than 16 degrees. 

Anyway, her lobster red bikini is not the sole thing I was planning on informing you all about today. (Unless you guys wanna talk about that kinda thing then I will totally go with it).

I wanted to tell you about my sunny adventures along on the South bank with Charly and Alexa. 

When we heard about the sunny weather, we didn't dash to the supermarket and buy BBQ food, or smother ourselves in sun lotion along with the rest of the British population. No, we decided the sunlight and the warmth would be a great day for a chat and a little walk along the South bank with film cameras. 

Our first stop was Wahaca. If you haven't visited the one on South bank it's built from multi-coloured shipping containers and it's pretty hard to miss. 

They also have a little outdoor terrace area where you can enjoy the sunshine and drinks overlooking the Thames. 

For a day like Sunday you really couldn't find a more perfect location for drinks and a few snacks.

Alexa had her first taste of a legal Mojito, having recently moved from LA and having not yet reached 21 yet, I'm sure it tasted just that little bit better. 

After we'd fuelled ourselves we took to the river. Not literally in the river as that would be wholly unpleasant but we had a little meander along the South bank. 

Stopping off at the book market...

Where Charly and Alexa found the book they'd been searching for since childhood...

In true tourist style we admired the sights of the London Eye, Big Ben and St Paul's

And the even more touristic attractions of the street artists...

As the sun began to set over the Thames it almost felt as though we could have been at the beach, enjoying the setting sun reflecting over the sea...

But then quickly snapped back to reality when we remembered sunset in England means coldness. So we made the most of the last of the rays with Alexa grabbing an ice cream from one of the hundreds of vans that had emerged from their garages for the day, and then headed on home.